The people behind BronPharma

Together they have a combined experience of 50 years of working as pharmacist: Bas Bruines and Rob de Wolf are the people behind BrOnPharma. They know your customers and the stories from the pharmacist's desk. That's how they know what your clients need and how to provide that for them. Who are Bas Bruines and Rob de Wolf and what drives them?

Bas Bruines

Pharmacist 'new style', butcher's son, works three days a week as pharmacist in a hospital, teaches pharmacists at PAO Farmacie, researches, develops new products and improved versions of existing products. Naturally curious and healthy skeptical, lover of football, goalie trainer for 6 - 18 year old's, doesn't like boxes and beaten tracks, likes to do it differently and better. Extravert and enthusiast. Tea addict.

Rob de Wolf

Active pharmacist, former owner of Schager Apotheek BV, pharmacist's son, manager MNKP, teacher at regional university in Zaandam, gave business administration courses to pharmacists, set up leadership course at PAO, trainer/ coach athletic juniors. Visionary with a drone view. Introvert, quick thinker. Espresso expert.

"We don't make products, we make products to heal people and to solve consumer's problems. That is our passion. The people themselves are our focus. We anticipate developments of the market and the need of consumers. We research, apply new knowledge and keep looking for natural alternatives. What do we look for? More healthy, honest, natural ingredients. We come up with a distinctive recipe, a unique, great smelling and/ or tasting product with a proper effect in a smart, user friendly packaging. We do it differently, better. We can and dare to look beyond our own horizon""

Piet Ooms

Piet Ooms is a son of a horticulturist and has always lived in the Katwijk region. After his studies he first ended up in the pharmaceutical industry and gained a lot of experience in the manufacturing industry. From the beginning, Piet Ooms has been very involved in the further product developments within BrOnPharma. He will soon be launching products such as a lip ointment, a further development of our butt ointment and a muscle gel. Piet Ooms is also concerned with the environment and mobility. He plays an important role in the EV Mobility company with the best-known product being the LEF and soon an electric scooter. In his spare time he likes to do running.


BrOnPharma's mission is to develop and supply distinctive healthcare products, which are healing people. Honest products, with as much natural ingredients and as little artificial additives as possible.

BrOnPharma wants the best for the customer. Because we are still working at the pharmacist's desk we know the customer. As no other we know what they need and desire. We research, search for alternatives and try to use the latest, scientific insights as much as possible. We strive to have our products fit the latest standards in the profession, like the KNMP Selfcare standard and the NHG-standard. We look for the difference: we anticipate developments in the market, but better and different instead.

Besides developing, manufacturing and supplying distinctive, pure, honest and natural healthcare products, we, as BrOnPharma, would also like to contribute in making the pharmacist and drug store a healthcare providing entity. Because as regional pharmacist or drug store, you provide unique BrOnPharma-products with your own labels, you are building a bond with your customers thereby separating yourself from your competitors. We are convinced that your customers appreciate BrOnPharma's products and that they'll return to you for more advice and repeat purchases.