Baby ointment with zinc oxide

Our baby ointment is soothing for irritated buttocks. Special about this baby ointment by BrOnPharma is that the packaging has a handy and hygienic dosage system. By turning the bottom, you will get the desired amount of ointment. The efficacy and the thought-through dosage system ensure that the baby ointment by BrOnPharma meets the strict hygienic requirements set by the RIVM for use in daycare centers. Available in a special 100-gram jar.

When to use?

Baby ointment is being used for red buttocks and diaper rash and is soothing for the skin.

What does it contain?

Our baby ointment consists of 7 ingredients, while other baby ointments sometimes consists of up to 19. BrOnPharma's baby ointment contains zinc oxide and purified water, mineral oil, propylene glycol, white Vaseline, cetomacrogol 1000 and polysorbate. Considerably less components compared to other baby ointments. Contains no preservatives, no dyes and no perfume. This baby ointment is easy to apply and water repellent.

The effect

This baby ointment is soothing for the skin. Zinc oxide works dehydrating and protects the skin against irritating substances from urine. It is important that the ointment is applied regularly (preferably every cleaning) and not rub to fierce.


Baby ointment with zinc oxide