Cough pastilles

Sometimes it is more convenient to use cough pastilles than a cough drink. For example when you are on the road. In that case, use our thyme cough pastilles. Handily and cleanly packaged in a blister. A package contains 20 pastilles. An important step forward in saving packaging materials for this type of product. Cough drink makers since 1988, the first producer in the Netherlands has decided to use as little packaging material as possible. All our elixirs are without outer packaging and package leaflet. This strip package also contains NO leaflet! There is a QR code on the package and after scanning it displays the package leaflet on your mobile device. This leaflet text can even be read if needed. The QR code is even applied to the strip itself. So you always have the package leaflet with you, even if you leave a strip in your handbag or car.

Thyme Cough pastilles